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Fire & Water Proof Chest
Fire & Water Proof Chest





2 Entry Keys



External Size : W407 x D320 x H166 (mm)

Internal Size : W333.2 x D216 x H93.5 (mm)

Internal Capacity ( Approx.) : 7.3L

Net Weight ( Approx.) : 12.8kg



Fireproof ~ Classification of UL Class 350 for half hour Fire Safes

Waterproof ~ Keeps contents dry for up to 8 hours when fully submerged



7 Year Parts & Labor Warranty      

An airtight cavity keeps heat and fuel
(oxygen) out and protect contents from
damage. The UL Class 350 for 1 hour
Fire-proof safes put the safes at temperatures
of 927C/1700F. This is well above the usual
maximum temperature of an average house
or office fire within one hour, but the safe
interior can say below 177C/350F,
which reduces possibility of self igniting.

Under UL-72 requirements, the fire exposure are controlled to achieve spexified temperature through a specified time period. The interior sample temperature and relative humidity cannot rise above specified limits. In order to meet these requirements, specified temperature and paper samples inside the safe have to be readable.

Our manufacturing plant is equipped our own computerised testing fumance, which is built according to the UL/GB standards. This allows us to periodically test our safes to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

Our safes are UL certified for fire protection and each safe bear the UL certified label, giving a trusted level of quality and avoiding confusion with other low quality merchandise.
The safe is watertight and has been verified to keep
the contens dry by a new standard of high pressure
water spray as well as fully submerge in water. The
exterior of the safeis also designed to complete
fused together in the event of a fire, which adds to
the water seal and protective performance.

Classification of UL Class 350 for half hour Fire Safes