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Guarda Fire & Water Proof Safes

are UL certified for fire protection and each safe bear the UL certified symbol, giving a trusted level of quality and avoiding confusion with other low quality merchandise.  It certainly gives each home and office, a better and safer protection for your valuables.


With the strong qualities mentioned, Guarda Fire & Water Proof Safes also ensure each customer receives a lifetime after fire warranty service, giving each of you that extra confidence.  Apart from Guarda Fire & Water Proof Safe’s practicality, it is stylish.  The unique poly shell not only provides water and fire protection, but also a lasting rust-free design.  Regardless whether this safe is to be used at home or the office, it will sit well in any place you choose.


Demonstrating GUARDA safe's fireproof capability  

First we placed some valuable documents in the safe and put it in a furnace to model an actual fire.  Most fires only reaches approximately 650oC but we are going to test it at more than 900oC.  Now you see, after 1 hour of burning, the documents inside the Guarda safe is unscathed, something to be truly trusted.



Demonstrating GUARDA safe's waterproof capability

Usual test is to spray water directly at the safe from a hose, but we will go one step further by submerging the safe in a pool.  As you see, Guarda Safe is absolutely sealed and as you can see, the documents are all totally dry.


Company TVC

GUARDA Fire & Water Proof Safes are developed and manufactured by Accurist Limited. Using the world's first poly shell design, the inner shell fuses itself together when met with high temperature, creating an air and water tight space. The insulation material is a patented invention. Products are manufactured under strict quality control, to ensure protecting contents from fire within a set period. The concealed hinges, patented in the US and China, which are also fire-proof, provide an extra level of security protection.



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